Wednesday, 6 November 2013

White on white

Several layers of white paint, gesso, white lace and small amount of brown ink that was later inked white. Karen Ellis stencil of the house.


  1. I keep hoping to figure out how to follow your blog. I love your pages. :)

    1. You are too kind. I always considered myself pretty computer savvy but this blog thing has kicked my butt.
      I am trying to create a journal page every day so I haven't spent any time on this site. To post in Creative Daily I needed a blog so I just did this in a second but didn't follow through with making it look pretty or interact properly. I promise I will do something about it one of these days lol.
      BTW I love Kindles too. Just bought two Kindle Fires for my grandchildren for Xmas.

  2. VEry Nice Robin... love that song too....

  3. I love the white on white... you are so brave (and talented!) :)